New Player

Norwood are thrilled to announce the signing of Ryan Scott from Lymington CC in the United Kingdom.
Scotty (Lewy) has been at University in Southampton over the last 4 years and is looking forward to continuing his transition into manhood this summer at Norwood CC.
Scotty will provide valuable runs at the top of the order and can bowl some military mediums to top it off.
He is churning them out for fun this year at Lymington, so we are looking forward to him doing the same for the Woods.
Not only can he play, he is also fully committed to help build on the positive environment which we are starting to initiate around the club.
Upon asking Ryan what his hobbies are, he replied ‘Gym, birds, lads chat and Netflix’ which raises the question whether he should be playing cricket or better suited on Geordie Shore.
We are stoked to have Scotty on board and I am sure you will join me in welcoming him to the club and make his time here a memorable one.